The North Ruckle Project

Welcome to the North Ruckle Project.

This project is a work in progress towards a comprehensive history of the North Ruckle area of the city of Grand Forks, B.C.

Examples / Status

At this point there are 2 examples of concepts I'm working towards
One is a navigator, along the lines of Google's Maps' StreetView function, to roam North Ruckle as it existed in the spring of 2021
The other is a viewer to see what each (still standing as of Nov 2021) house in North Ruckle looked like.


Grand Forks has been an offical 'city' since 1897. The Ruckle subdivision got its name from how it started out - as a farm homesteaded by the Ruckle brothers in that same year of 1897.

Eventually, in 1970, the property became part of the city.

The residential parts of Ruckle are called North Ruckle and South Ruckle.

North Ruckle is the area directly across the Kettle River from downtown

In 2018 the city experienced a once-in-200-years flood that inundated the North Ruckle area after the dike was breached.

A number of areas of the city were flooded and houses in those areas have been removed or repaired and the areas are still useable. But the result with North Ruckle was a decision to turn it into a floodable greenspace.

This meant that:

It is now December of 2021.
Only the first step has taken place. All but 2 residencies are empty.
By April 1st of the coming year all the buildings will be gone.

By this time 2 years from now a new visitor to Grand Forks won't see any remnants of a residential area.

This is History happening to us - we, as a community, are living through this.
Those people who lived in North Ruckle have seen a massive shift in their lives. They have been dispersed - some still in town and others have moved away.

History is something I have an interest in.
My first job here in Grand Forks was at the Boundary Museum.
I've been involved with local history ever since.

In my other role I made sure everyone could see and hear almost everything that happened during the flood and after by recording and broadcasting all media scrums, public meetings, and whatever happened that impacted the community.
So I've got material to share and a place to share it - the web.

As this year came in I felt that someone needed to do something to capture as much of the community of North Ruckle as could be collected before it goes away completely.

Quite a few of the former residents are gathered on a Facebook group so they are available to talk to when I get around to that part.
But the houses which are still standing will be gone before the next year is done.
If I wanted to get pictures and media for future web ideas it would have to be this year.

So this year I've had two periods of image capture:

These efforts I've taken to an 'example of concept' stage.
In the first case I've used a product called Marzipano to produce web content.
In the second case I've crafted and adapted web code - JavaScript, PHP, CSS and HTML - to show what I have in mind.