Welcome to the North Ruckle Project

Right now all we have to show you is the spin shots of the houses of North Ruckle

The link above takes you to an overhead photo of North Ruckle (thank you Google)
Properties are delineated with Green or Yellow lines.
If you use a mouse you will see a small animated movie appear as you hover over a green property.
Clicking on that property opens a page where you can move around the house and see it from almost any angle
To do that use the left/right arrows on your keyboard, click the left/right arrow graphics on the image
or, if you are using a touch display, touch on the right or left side of the picture (sorry swiping does not work yet)
you can also use the mouse to click on either side to spin the angle in that direction.

Use the Escape key to go back to the map (may not work on a Chromebook)
OR click/touch on the X in the upper right corner.

The Yellow properties are ones where the houses were gone before I could take pictures.